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Country Girl (Tatsuo Kobayashi)
5-25 May, 2012
@EUROSPACE, Shibuya, Tokyo
21:10 start (with English subtitles)


Hayashi is a high school boy in Kyoto who has no regard for traditional values of the old city. His routine us to con foreign tourists. Unexpectedly he falls in love with a young geisha who belongs to the traditional side of the city.

About the Movie

This is a movie directed by Tatsuo Kobayashi who won the Grand Prix at Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival 2007 with his short movie, District. AyaWatanabe, one of the judges at the festival wrote this screenplay. Country Girl is Kobayashi's first feature length movie, staged in Kyoto, the director's hometown. This film is based around some local high school kids who think Kyoto's tourists are boring suckers who are into boring old cities. Country Girl is a teen movie with cultural insights. The high school kids in the film have no interest, nor respect for their hometown's traditions. But they cling to it as a means of feeling superior to outsiders. Underlying their complex notions of Kyoto is the unspoken awareness that they are nobody. To counteract this feeling of inferiority they go to the opposite extreme of taking part in a plan to transform Kyoto. This unbalanced perspective reflects that of Kyoto's typical male teenagers. "Country Girl" of the title is a small town girl who becomes a maiko, who symbolizes the epitome of Kyoto culture proper, in stark contrast with the local boys who don't respect their cultural heritage. The production of Country Girl was 100% self financed by the director Kobayashi and the screenwriter Watanabe. And Go Takamine who is a film director of Untamagiru is also in this film as an actor.

Director, Tatsuo Kobayashi

2005 The Violin Suit No.6 in D minor -the 5th Ebina Premium Film Festival Competition, Ebina, Japan
2006 District -Grand Prix, the 10th Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival, Kyoto, Japan
           -Nippon Connection 2008, Frankfurt, Germany
           -the 10th Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Seoul, South Korea
2008 The Making of Zazen Boys Album -Aired on Music On! TV program

Screenwriter, Aya Watanabe

Watanabe started her professional screenwriting career in 2003 with a feature movie, Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (dir. Isshin Inudo), which was invited to the premiere international film festivals such as Montreal, Chicago and Tokyo, winning a Best Actor Award at the 2nd Vladivostok International Film Festival, Russia.

Screenwriting credits

2003 Josee, the Tiger and the Fish
2005 La maison de Himiko
2007 A Gentle Breeze in the Village
2009 Boat (a South Korean/Japanese joint production)